Sweet Butterbelle

Jasmine, clove, cassis...
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This sweetie will have you surrounded in a creamy lather of baby pinks, blues & lilacs with a golden glow fit for a queen. Watch as her colourful foam leaves a swirling trail in your tub and indulge and relax into her sweet fragrance...


"A delicate floral accord of Jasmine, tea rose and the subtle hint of clove with a blend of cassis harmonised by Tonka bean."



To get the most from your bath bomb we recommend using within 30 days for ultimate freshness. To use your bath bomb simply place into warm water, this can be done at the start of running your bath, giving you extra bubbly fun or placed into your bath once it's ready, giving you an extravagant show of colours. Bath bombs react better to warmer water, the cooler your water the slower the reaction. Bubble bath will also slow down the reaction of your bath bomb and the colours won't show on top of the bubbles (Keep this in mind if you plan on creating bath art) Once your bath bomb has finished dissolving run a quick burst of water to create fluffy white bubble in the tub, sit back, relax and pamper away! Be sure to wash bath thoroughly after use.